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Our Story

Dr. Anita Rothard and Donald Rothard, Founders

After working for over 30 years helping people with disabilities get their life back on track, it was time for my husband and I to retire. My husband looked at me with surprise on his face and said, "You can't do that, there is still too much we can do to help others." That is how Red Lion Jobs, Inc., came into being. Our "Retirement" started with the idea that we could start a small business doing one-on-one job placement and assist those who were having problems finding a job, actually get a job. That was five years ago.

Red Lion Jobs, Inc., has grown into a great not-for-profit Florida business. It's helping the community of disabled Floridians, as well as local businesses find an excellent employment resource. I'm happy Donald and I have been able to make this vision come to life.

Dr. Anita Rothard and Donald Rothard, Founders

~~Dr. Anita Rothard - Executive Director


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Who we serve

We serve people with disabilities ages 14 and above.

The Client Services page has additional information.

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Our Approach

Our Philosophy is that each individual is special and has certain abilities or qualities that they can contribute in the world of work.

At Red Lion Jobs, Inc., we believe our job is to identify those special qualities and to inspire the individual to overcome their perceived limitations and show those qualities to a potential employer.

Our employment specialists work with each individual and walks with them through the process of preparing for interviews, gaining courage, going forward and succeeding in their new job.


Next Steps...

Whether you’re a client or employer, contact us today to make a brighter future for a person with a physical or mental disability whose disability has been a barrier to employment. We can help. We serve most of Florida. Be part of the team that makes a difference in someone's life today.