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Dr. Anita & Donald Rothard


Dr. Anita B. Rothard C.V.E., C.R.C., A.B.V.E. has a doctorate  in psychology and has worked as a career counselor and vocational expect for over 40 years.  She has worked as an independent consultant for the federal, state and local governments, Longshore, Social Security Administration, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and many others.

Dr. Rothard continues to improve the lives of the disabled community with her visionary approach to job placement and original assessment methods.

Abby Rhodes

Abbey Rhode

Employment Specialist in
Palm Beach County.

Abbey has been with Red Lion Jobs, Inc. since 2015 and holds a master's degree in health care management.

She is a caring, bright, high achieving woman with a great sense of humor and a quick mind.  "I enjoy working with clients with challenges, seeing them light up when they get their job and gain greater self confidence!"


Sherri Iwanow

Employee Specialist in Charlotte, Lee, and Collier Counties.

Sherri has been recognized for her contributions within the job placement field.  She began her job coaching career with the HOPE Clubhouse, where they achieved the International Center for Clubhouse Development accreditation. Then received the Outstanding Employment award from Able Trust in 2013.

Sherri’s, motto, “The sooner issues are addressed, the more successful the client will be.”  When she's not working, she's with the grandkids or doing outdoor adventures.

Lara Putnam

Lara Putnam

Employment Specialist in Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Lara's degree is in advertising and marketing. Her background is mostly in sales, which has been beneficial being communicating directly with hiring manager is her specialty.

She has been an employment specialist with Red Lion Jobs, Inc. since 2014. Lara has build many strong relationships with local business managers and owners.

If you ask her, "I love working with my clients and I work hard to find them long term employment that will fulfill both their wants and needs." Perfect!

Erika Key

Erika Key

Employment Specialist in Polk County.

Erika has a master's of arts in sociology from California State University. She is highly motivated and a dedicated professional with many years of experience placing people who are challenged.

She has linked clients with workers to allow for job shadowing that has led to successful career choices. She is dedicated to her family and her clients.

Larry Hinton 2

Larry Hinton

Employment Specialist in Broward County.
Larry earned his bachelor's of business administration from Everest College in Ft. Lauderdale.

Larry's been with Red Lion Jobs, Inc. for more than two years. He loves working with his clients and watching each one's abilities grow in a new job with confidence.

He enjoys tennis and personal fitness. He's is a Miami Heat fan.

Nidia Smith

Nidia Smith-Villanueva

Employment Specialist in Orlando. 

Nidia is fluent in Spanish. She has a psychology degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, NY. She’s been a Floridian since 2015 and has worked as an employment specialist for over 12 years.

Nidia has implemented employment plans, work readiness training, job preparation counseling and wellness programs for clients in New York and Florida. She has a proven track record of staying in tune with each client needs during the job placement to the evaluation process. She is committed to finding the right job, with the right employer for each client.

Douglas Strickland

Douglas Strickland

Employment Specialist in Tampa.

Douglas is a Florida State University graduate. Douglas has almost 20 years assisting and training individuals within the career services industry.  He has a strong background and professional standards in job placement activities.

Douglas covers every aspect of building a career from creating a strategy to practicing “mock” interviews to reassure a client’s confidence. Plus, he’s developed positive relationships with employers to help find the right job for each client.


Natalie Velazquez

Employment Specialist in Brevard County.

Natalie earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in business from Bowling Green State University. She has extensive experience as a human resources professional where she worked in a fast paced environment with people of all professional levels. 

Natalie is an accomplished staffer and recruiter always able to find the right person for the job as a employer. This experience and her work as a family service specialist allows her to help her clients find fulfilling careers.

Melchy Aday

Melchy Aday

Employment Specialist in Miami-Dade County. 

Melchy is a Career and Employment Information Specialist certified in common assessments. She has a Work Counselor diploma and is fluent in Spanish.  She has educated and assisted young and old who are unlikely to find employment succeed.

Melchy has excellent communication and employment negotiation skills. Her professional development is admired.


Eileen Lovenstein

Program Director.

Eileen moved to Sarasota, FL in 2016.  She has over 15 years experience as an executive assistant. She has extensive experience as an office manager in the financial field and healthcare industry.

She is intuitive, enthusiastic, friendly and has made this career move a successful one. When she’s not working Eileen enjoys golfing, scrapbooking, reading, wine tasting and cooking.

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